Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Political and economic position of the satrapy of Babylon in the Achaemenid period    M.Sc.    Ridha mohan doyan Alsalihi    1400/06/20
2    The cultural consequences of Alexander's invasion of Iran until the end of the Parthian period    M.Sc.    ali noferesti    1399/04/30
3    The Signs and Documental Remains of Arsacids’ Presence in Historical Khorasan    M.Sc.    MOHAMMADALI GHADAMYARI    1399/04/07
4    The Time and Workbooks of Hakim al Nishapuri with emphasis on his history of Nishapur    Ph.D    reza naghdi    1399/03/11
5    The Women's Role and Economic Activity in the Achaemenid Period    M.Sc.    zohre khosravi    1398/06/31
6    Cleanness of Women in Zoroastrian Religion in Pre-Islamic Iran    M.Sc.    bahareh charkhab    1397/06/31
7    The position of Syria during the Sassanid period in the third Century 226-271 AD    M.Sc.    AHMAD ALHAWWAT    1397/06/24
8    The Achaemenid kings power and its limitation    M.Sc.    atieh bagheri charok    1396/06/29
9    A comparison between Sassanid educational institutions with Iran Islamic period up    Ph.D    abdollah safarzaie    1396/06/29
10    Concept and Function of Paradise in Achaemenid Period    M.Sc.    Zahra Roudini Parizi    1396/02/30
11    The Political Though of Achaemenid az Reflected in Inscription and Relifs of That Era    M.Sc.    mahla rayeni nejad    1395/11/27
12    Pictorial and Conceptual developments of Winged Symbols and winged rings from the Achaemenids to Late Sasanian Era.    M.Sc.    jakob nazari    1395/08/17
13    reflection of Mazdakite's movement in Persian and Arabic texts    M.Sc.    Ibrahim Khani Habibabadi    1395/06/31
14    The Examination Of Flora And Animals Of the Achaemenid In Rock relief And Other Visual Document    M.Sc.    sara mohammadzadeh    1395/06/31
15    Relations between the Iranians and the Arabs of Anoushiravan the end of the Sasanian    M.Sc.    Abbas Ramezani    1395/06/31
16    The Ruler of Family on the Falling of Sasanian empire    M.Sc.    abkhez abolfazl    1394/11/07
17    Causes and outcomes of propagation of Zurvanism in Sasanian period    M.Sc.    Soqra Khorsandamin    1394/08/27
18    pars in selucids and arsacids period    M.Sc.    mohammad tavakolian    1394/06/24
19    The custom of war and warfare in ancient Iran based on shahnameh of ferdowsi    M.Sc.    behruz haji    1394/03/27
20    Bar and Court Rituals in the Sassanian period    M.Sc.    elmira zoghdarmoghaddam    1394/03/27
21    Political - religious developments during the Sassanians from ArdashirI to ShapourII    M.Sc.    seyyed farhad seyyed ahmadi zaviyeh    1394/03/27
22    Revolts in the wester n satrapies of the Achaemenid period    M.Sc.    mohtaram khademi    1394/03/27
23    Frontier developments in the Iran in Sassanids Era    M.Sc.    zohreh darafsh    1393/11/08
24    The Examination of the Historical Position of Kerman in Sasanian    M.Sc.    parisa pedram    1393/06/31
25    Survey fate of the land of Elam after the fall until Sassanian    M.Sc.    zahra kaeid    1393/06/31
26    Political role of Hyrcania in the History of Ancient Persia    M.Sc.    Tahmores Mehrabi    1393/06/31
27    Impact of policies to weaken and collapse of the Sassanid Khosrow Parviz    M.Sc.    batool ghanbari naniz    1392/11/21
28    Endowment and Charitable Foundations in Sasanian Dynasty    M.Sc.    Homeira khorramniya    1392/11/21
29    Political legitimacy in the period of sasanian    M.Sc.    kobra rafiei    1392/04/15
30    The influence of the contemporary civilization on architecture and sculpture of Achaemened civilization    M.Sc.    Rokhshipoor Rokhshipoor    1391/12/17
31    position of babylon in the acamenid period    M.Sc.    fatemeh amiry    1391/12/17
32    The Influence and revival of the Iran ancient culture during Buyids.    M.Sc.    zahra jahan    1391/06/28
33    The Examination of the Relations between the Elamites and the Persians During the Achaemenids Period    M.Sc.    kiumars Alizadeh    1391/06/25
34    The position of Egypt satrape During the Achaemenid    M.Sc.    mohammad akbari    1391/06/25
35    The Relationship between the Medes and Persians during the Achaemeenid Period    M.Sc.    raziye ghassabzade    1390/11/18
36    rods and comenuceshen in akemenid peryod    M.Sc.    zahra hatami    1389/10/01
37    Satraps position based on Achaemenid inscriptions and documents    M.Sc.    ali akbar shahabady    1389/09/16
38    The effects of Bahram Chobien revolt in decline and fall of Sasanian empire    M.Sc.    najm gilane    1389/07/21
39    The Homeland Of Kassite end their entrance to Mesopotamia.    M.Sc.    amir alinia    1389/07/21