Courses List
No Course Title Level
1    Preparation for Comprehensive Exam    Ph.D
2        B.Sc.
3        B.Sc.
4        B.Sc.
5        B.Sc.
6        M.Sc.
7        M.Sc.
8        M.Sc.
9    Reading Historical Texts in Foreign Languages (1)    B.Sc.
10    Reading Historic Texts in Foreign Languages (2)    B.Sc.
11    The History of Iran: from Elamites and Aryans to Achaemenids    B.Sc.
12    The History of Iran during Seleucids and Parthians    B.Sc.
13    The History of Iran during Sasanians    B.Sc.
14    The History of Byzantium    B.Sc.
15    The Critical Study of Historical Sources of Pre-Islamic Iran    B.Sc.
16    The History of the Religions of Ancient Iran    B.Sc.
17    The General History of Iran in Pre-Islamic Era    M.Sc.
18    Ancirnt Iranian Languages    M.Sc.
19    Critic and Review of Iranian History in the foreign fexts    M.Sc.
20    Iranian History According to natioal narratives    M.Sc.
21    Iranian Political Economic and Cultural Relations with other Countries    M.Sc.
22    Iranian Ancient Cultural; Social and Economic Systems    M.Sc.
23    Study of Iranian Ancient Religions    M.Sc.
24    The Methodology of Historical Research in History    B.Sc.
25        B.Sc.
26    Recognizing and Studing Documents and Tablets    M.Sc.
27    Reading Historical Texts in English (1)    M.Sc.
28    Reading Historical Texts in English (2)    M.Sc.
29    Foreign Language with Focus on Translation of Historical Texts (1)    M.Sc.
30    Foreign Language with Focus on Translation of Historical Texts (2)    M.Sc.
31    Advanced Research mothods    Ph.D
32    Political, Social, Administrative and Economic Developments of Ancient Iran    Ph.D
33    Iran’s Relationships to Its Neighbors in Pre-Islamic Era    Ph.D
34    Phenomenology in Agroecology    Ph.D